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Bluetooth Rocker Switch Receiver And Control

Bluetooth Rocker Switch Receiver And Control

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The AWBTSW is an all-in-one source unit that combines the ability to connect your audio device via Bluetooth™ or Auxiliary to your vehicle's amplifiers and speakers. The durable, all-weather rocker switch design is easy to install and matches the styling of other switches in your vehicle. The unit includes the necessary wiring to connect to your battery or bus bar as well as a remote output to turn on connected amplifiers.


The AWBTSW is designed to allow you to connect your devices using either Bluetooth™ or auxiliary input. When powered on, the AWBTSW will always try to pair with enabled Bluetooth™ devices for easy wireless streaming, but can easily be switched to auxiliary mode with the simple touch of a button. Your music how you want it and when you want it.

  • Replaces Head Unit and Works with Any Amplifier
  • Bluetooth v4.0

  • Weatherized Rubber Buttons

  • Remote Amplifier Output

  • Works with Most Bluetooth Devices Including Smartphones and Tablets
  • Hassle Free Bluetooth Auto-Pairing
  • Includes Power, Ground, and Output Connections
  • 3.5mm Stereo Line Output
  • Auxiliary Input for Connecting Devices Via 3.5mm Cable
  • Back Lit Buttons for Easy Use Day or Night

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