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Can-am X3 Front Lower Speaker Pods

Can-am X3 Front Lower Speaker Pods

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The CAN-AM X3-17-FS-L lower kick panel enclosures use a 6.5-inch coaxial driver with integrated RGB lighting in a weathertight plug and play design. The harness also integrates an expansion plug to easily add-on the X3-17-FS-U upper dash speakers eliminating the need for extensive rewiring when adding them into the system. The Fully Adjustable, Single Tool (F.A.S.T.) mounting system uses powder coated machined billet aluminum clamps and is designed to give maximum fitment flexibility. This allows the installer to adjust the placement relative to the vehicles body panels eliminating gap issues and ensuring the best fit possible.


The X3-17-FS-L mounts securely into the kick panel area using our Fully Adjustable, Single Tool (F.A.S.T.) mounting system. This location protects the speakers while containing the sound in the cabin enabling you to hear it at all speeds.


Another design feature unique to MTX is the completely sealed, fully assembled system. While other brands require assembly as they are installed, creating the chance for an improperly sealed enclosure, the MTX speaker enclosures are fully assembled preventing any chance of water penetration around the speaker or wiring opening improving the unit’s longevity.


With the addition of RGB lighting to the speaker assembly, wiring can be challenging due to the number of connections needed. This problem is simplified by integrating a water-tight, plug-and-play connector on the integrated harness. This plug allows for direct connection to MTX X3 audio systems without the need to make direct wire to wire attachments. This plug can be removed to integrate the speaker enclosures into other existing equipment.

  • Custom Fit for X3 Kick Panel
  • Rotationally Molded Sealed Enclosure
  • Integrated RGB Lighting
  • Factory Matched Texture
  • Polypropylene Woofer and Mylar Dome Tweeter
  • Installer Friendly Design
  • All Weather Construction
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