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Rockford Fosgate

Punch Marine Ultra Compact Digital Media Receiver

Punch Marine Ultra Compact Digital Media Receiver

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The PMX-0 ultra compact digital media receiver is IPX6 rated and uses a water resistant rotary encoder knob with white LED button illumination and front mounted sub level controls. It features Bluetooth audio streaming for Apple and Android products as well as auxiliary audio input and is the ideal choice for that small system media receiver.

The PMX-0 is a ground up designed ultra compact digital media receiver ideal for small systems and vehicles. This unit Features Bluetooth streaming audio connectivity for both Apple and Android based devices, RCA Auxiliary inputs as well as Front, Rear and Sub RCA output connections. Control is provided through the water resistant rotary encoder knob and white LED backlit buttons and provide instant sub level control at your fingertips.

The front panel is IPX6 rated for water spray intrusion and features a conformal coated PCB circuit board protecting the vital electronics. We further validate the unit with 500 hours of testing under both the ASTM B117 and D4329 testing standards to make sure it will hold up under years of daily use exposed to the elements.


  • Bluetooth streaming audio (A2DP) protocol version 1.0 installed

  • Simple Secure Pairing (SSP)

  • Front Panel Sub Control

  • White LED Button Illumination

  • Waterproof Rotary Encoder Volume Control

  • Voice Command Confirmation

  • Epoxy coated circuit board for water resistance

  • Rear AUX-In (L/R)

  • Rear USB With 1A Charging Only

  • Upgradeable Firmware and Bluetooth Software via USB

  • Easy 2" Mounting Hole and Compression U-Clamp Mounting

  • 2-Year Warranty

Element Ready™ | Source Units
All components are protected against harsh outdoor elements like Dust, UV, Temperature, Water, Corrosion & Vibration.

Built In Bluetooth®
Built In Bluetooth®

USB Playback
This source unit supports playback from a USB device.

ASTM B117 & D4329 Tested
ASTM B117 & D4329 Tested

IPX6 Water Intrusion Rating
Water projected in powerful jets from any direction shall have no harmful effects.

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